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912 E - Yay or Nay


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Could I ask for comments on the desirability of the 912E in Australia. I am attracted to the model as it was only ever produced in LHD and IMO should be left original. These cars are not widely available but are currently less expensive than the earlier 912. Happy to have your thoughts.

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The engine is a revised version of the VW type 4 which are a great engine that I think is also used in the 914.

912E's are cheaper to buy for sure as they're just less desirable than earlier cars. I looked at fitting a type 4 engine in my old '66 912, but they're just as expensive to build/fix. 

 You just have to do your sums to see if buying it and import prices are cost effective for your budget

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2 hours ago, Wanna912 said:

Thanks for the reply, my sentiments exactly - what are your thoughts on the injection - most owners seem to change to Webers? When you say they are just as expensive to fix do you mean compared to a 912 or 911?

 Well from when I looked into fitting a Type 4 engine, the rebuild costs were about the same as the standard engine in my 66, which ended up being $11,000ish back 6-7 years ago (and I was looked after pretty well with the costs involved), yet I'm hearing $15-20k nowadays (a 6 cylinder engine would probably be $25-35k or more (A friend was quoted $30k to rebuild his 912 engine, so it pays to shop around.) For me, of course then I had to consider the T4 engine is NOT a direct bolt in fit in a '66, and it would have cost me more for having that done plus electrical mods etc, it just got too expensive. In hindsight, my other idea was to fit a WRX turbo engine, as they're bonkers in such a small car and I'd probably still own it now if I did do that, yet again, it was money I didn't really have...and I listened to all the purists about keeping it original which was the smartest thing to do at the time.

 Anyway. This'll ruffle some feathers to the nostalgists, yet I hate carbs, as they seem to just be a pain in the arse, as I always see and hear owners having to constantly have them tuned/balanced, and they always say they seem 'fluffy' at a lower rpm. I went through the above with a few VW's which drove me nuts and I wanted to burn them to the ground! Injection is basically just set and forget, and these days with all the programmable stuff available, it's a helluva lot easier and more responsive at the pedal. How many new cars have carbs? None, and there's a reason for that.

My opinion, a 912E is probably a much better option than an earlier one solely for the engine, yet I'd also be doing some homework with local and overseas Porsche shops with engine parts availability, as they're not that common. Looks wise, the impact bumpers I'm not a fan of on any Porsche...at all, yet that's personal choice. There was a couple of E's last year in Oz that ended up around the $45k mark, and I'm pretty sure a guy on a Facebook Porsche page (Classic Porsche Australia) I moderate has just bought a 912E, so there might be some available in Oz before you go buying from OS.

 Just do ya homework before diving in and handing over the cash, especially overseas, as there are plenty of horror stories about cars being rusty piles of shit when they've been touted as immaculate and/or rust free

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I’m a 356er at heart but as PCar prices continue to boom I see the value in purchasing a 912E unfortunately you’ll forever hear that it’s not Aus delivered, not a Six Cyl and also not a true 912. So probably a very limited market if/when you decide you wanted to sell it.
A good Honest original car will always be sought after but a rusty, patched up, bondo filled model will probably result in a big Loss of Your hard earned $$$. 
The decision is totally yours though so have a good think about what your hoping to get from the purchase. If the aim is financial gain then probably a high level of risk for little reward. 

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Thanks Guys, Really appreciate the effort and advise. I have just missed out on a nice 912E in the US but I am now reading up on the 911 SC. Please laugh or cry with me as I recall the 356B Convertible that I purchased for $2,500 and sold a few weeks later for $6,800 40 something years ago.

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I am a big fan of the 912E and have imported 2 this year alone and am having grey one built/backed dated in Florida right now and expect to have it here early next year. I sold one and currently have the second one for sale in Sydney right now.


I have a number of reason's why I like the 912E: 

It was one year only model and only 2100 were produced, that is a really low number so they are fairly rare in Porsche terms.

They are reasonably affordable compare to the 911 and it does not seem to be as sac-religious to modify, hot rod or outlaw a 912E compared to a 911. 

They are cheaper to maintain being a 4 cylinder, however if you want to modify the engine you can easily get big horse power out of that type 4 engine. The one I sold previously this year had been bored out to 2.3 litres and was an extremely quick car which handled incredibly well as it is lighter than a 911

The driving and ownership experience is still amazing, it is still has the classic 911 shape which is always a joy to look at and drive.

We live in Australia not Germany so you do not get a chance to really use all the power a 911 affords, again my 912E drives exactly the same as a 911 just not as fast.

Australia seems to be the only country in the world that has an issue with LHD vs RHD, europeans do not have an issue with it and it makes no sense what's so ever that people pay a premium to sit on the other side of the car to drive.

We in the Porsche world can be a little snobby which is unfortunate, the 912 and 912E are amazing cars that some from exactly the same place as their sister the 911.

Everyone has their preferred model of Porsche but we all love and celebrate the best brand automotive brand in the world.

All of the above in my humble opinion.8dfb8290-96e1-4e06-9aa5-d578a47c3ff4.thumb.jpeg.d63719106820c8f8e8d96fa3286f0aea.jpeg

Cheers _9one2_




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I've never seen a 912E in Australia..didn't know there were several of them getting around.  Quite rare cars indeed- there is a youtube video getting around of Tanner from US Top Gear showing his Dad's old car from back in the day.  IIRC it was in very original condition and makes a good reference point for people looking to maintain originality.

There's a difference between 911SC and 912E in availability, price, power, equipment.  Ultimately I could never be a 912 guy but respect to those who choose the path.  It would be my choice if I had to choose a Porsche 4 cyl.

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