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SOLD - BMW M3 CSL (1/23 in Au & 544 globally)

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Hello. I'm shortly listing my BMW E46 M3 CSL for sale.  Aus delivered, and collector grade, 57km.  non tracked. Original accident free, full service history car.  If anyone is chasing one, PM thanks. NSW Rego BMWCSL

They almost never come up at this grade and low km.  I expect lots of future upside, especially when the USA market can import them and prices will likely jump, as they have for the R34 GTR - they went 'through the roof'. 




In 2004 BMW’s M Sport division were riding high with the much-loved E46 M3 conquering the hearts of enthusiasts the world over with its amazing dynamics. But the Germans wanted to prove just how good the engineering under the M3 was, so they turned to a legendary name from BMW’s past - CSL. 

Only 544 RHD “Coupe Sport Lightweight” E46 M3 CSL were built  globally and 23 CSLs were sold new in Australia by BMW.   At $210,000 they sold out in minutes and were an instant classic. This BMW CSL was delivered new in a beautiful silver grey metallic exterior with extensive alcantara and carbon fibre trim and is immaculate.

This vehicle follows the heritage of that legendary BMW 3.0 CSL from the 70s. As such it features an incredible array of lightweight materials and design features improve performance, including extensive suspension and engine enhancements. The CSL weights over 350kg less than a 2021 BMW M3, 110kg less than its M3 peer at the time, and it well and truly outperforms its brothers and competitors. It also looks timeless and magnificent. 

 BMW M engineers, in conjunction with their Formula 1 team went through the CSL from back to front, including using 

 ·      The award-winning 3.2-litre naturally aspirated DOHC in-line six-cylinder engine is beloved by many for being a sonorous piece of precision engineering, however the CSL’s  version is in another league of performance and aural delight.  

 ·      The CSL is famous for having a naturally aspirated F1 designed carbon fibre intake, six throttle bodies, larger intake manifold, higher spec CSL only camshafts, higher spec CSL specific exhaust valves and more all resulting in over 111 BHP/ litre of capacity, totalling 265kw from just 3.2 litres. It is amazing, useable on the road, and gives you a smile - every single drive. 

·     CSL Suspension components include aluminium rear control arms with CSL uni-ball joints 

·      Brakes on the CSL feature upgraded 345mm discs with a specific CSL ABS system resulting in 100-0 km/h in just 34 metres.  

·      Lightweight and wider 19” CSL wheels (8.5” f, 9.5” r) provided more grip yet saved 11kg vs their M3 19” equivalent  

·      CSL specific SMG gearbox and computer – shifts in only 0.08 seconds and is still practical if caught in traffic. 

·      CSL specific Dynamic Stability program for safety  

·      CSL Lightweight optimised floor foam   

·      CSL lightweight rear glass  

·      CSL lowered and revised suspension  

·      faster CSL steering rack  

·      light weight carbon fibre front bumper, and glass fibre reinforced lightweight rear boot and bumper with perfectly integrated spoiler to reduce lift 

·      and fixed back alcantara sports bucket seats similar to found in a Porsche 911 GT3.  

The use of carbon fibre flows from the roof panel right through the interior cabin including the full door trims. It also features in the engine bay with an incredible design of race type intake system that is famous for its wonderful sound.   

This is a rare, collectible and rapidly appreciating vehicle that has been kept in excellent order throughout its life with only 57,000km over 18 years. The M3 CSL brings the perfect balance of modern design coupled with performance levels that you can actually enjoy, without having to go ‘silly fast’.   Very rarely do they come to market with these low km and in this condition. NSW Rego “BMW-CSL” transfer negotiable.    

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4 hours ago, mc968cs said:

I expect lots of future upside, especially when the USA market can import them and prices will likely jump, as they have for the R34 GTR - they went 'through the roof'. 

Will the demand be as high for a RHD though? Yes, they've imported RHD GTRs, but that's how they were built and the purists appreciate that. The US can buy and import a LHD Bimmer from continental Europe and drive it on the road without conversion.

Just a thought exercise, not a sledge.

Great car BTW, I owned one of the 23 from 2008 to 2012 .... I did NOT get anywhere near this sort of money when I sold it!

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