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Flat 6 Fuchs Wheels


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Deciding between either purchasing a set of 4 Flat 6 Style Wheels from Classic Wheels Australia or refinishing my originals.

The car is a 74 911 and ideally I am looking for a factory look and as true to the original as possible.

Would rather not anodise as I think the finish is too difficult to maintain (special wheel cleaners ect.

Also don’t know of anyone capable of refinishing these in Melbourne (Dipped look of the black plaint)

Does anyone have any contacts that can refinish in Melbourne or has anyone purchased the Flat 6 replicas before and can comment on them.






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I had my 6x15 inch Fuchs wheels restored by dupulu in Qld , 10years ago. The price included freight there and back.


I have since sold the car but was impressed with the restoration.


the classic wheels also look good. I would say you could buy a new set of those for the cost of the restoration of your current ones, and store the originals wheels away.


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No question the Maxlites look great. I do believe there is a notable weight difference between these and original forged Fuchs. Perhaps someone with accurate technical info can comment?

Your wheels can be painted in 2K if you are concerned about anodizing durability. Make sure you have the insides and the barrels also stripped and refinished as fine porosity can result in air leaks.

This is my matching dates deep six set of 15x6 Fuchs painted with 2 pack. I did the work in my garage, I'm not a painter but took my time. Any decent shop should be able to do this including to mask the black "dip" in the correct location if specified. 



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I've gone both ways on this one....

I've bought a new set of Maxilites from Classic Wheels Australia....great service, awesome product.....

I have also restored 6" fuchs the same as yours (painting not anodising). I used Wheel Solutions in Richmond (phone - 9427 9265) who are excellent. Speak to Matt.....he's done at least ten sets of wheels for me & the end result has always been fantastic !! 

If I had another early car & needed to make the decision again I would buy new everyday of the week & store the originals (as per reedminor). Good luck with it..... 



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