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Porsche Frankenstein ?

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Hi All, 

I have just joined this forum and have had an old 996 for many years . I have been playing with the idea of a kit and was able to first get some cheap 991 headlights from ebay. I was very surprised how close they were to the 996.2 lights , obviously without the blinker section. That got me thinking that they should easily fit the car.

I purchased a 997 GT2 body kit and started the work on the lights as i wanted to preserve the original parts if needed . I quickly realised that i should have either purchased a set of 997 lights or a different kit.

I had to remove the original mounting brackets from the 996 and remodel and refit them to house the 991 lights , not an easy proposition. The kit also had to be re-glassed to the shape of the 991 lights . I have finally gotten it to the paint stage and will be painting it Modern Grey / Crayon  soon . Any suggestions on paint colour would be appreciated .

Thanks for reading and hope you like the results . I'm sure there are some haters but what the hell 

Cheers Arieh

por pic lights.jpg

por pic 2.jpg

por pic 3.jpg

por pic 4.jpg

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