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996 Coupe- Retromod/


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I'm not precious on originality but this is an answer to a question no one asked...it's a horror show of automotive misery that hurts my eye's & breaks my heart. Magnus Walker should hang his head in shame having his name associated with this abomination. It's early in the morning & I need a drink to calm myself.....

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I don’t think Magnus has anything to do with it - just a photo of a car using his wheels?

It’s not my cup of tea but the green one looks ok.  But you just can’t get around the flush glass on the base car which is why it looks wrong.   Could be a fun thing to do with a shabby 996.  It’s not like those are in short supply.

Some people love this kind of thing.. some people love kit cars and replicas.   Each to their own.

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46 minutes ago, MARTY said:

The Boxster looks unbelievably bad but that’s just my opinion I’m sure someone will love it.It’s good to see the before and after shots on the 996 cab it makes the standard car look bloody brilliant 

I can certainly see where the designer got their inspiration !!!

REST 1.jpg




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Yep, that Boxster is stand alone UGLY. 😔 

Don't mind the look of the black Rough 4 bush basher though ,you could have some fun in the scrub with that.No wonder it looks OK it's a 964,

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1 hour ago, Fishcop said:

Is it even actually real?  Looks like a bunch of bad photoshops... 

If it is real, the bloke could get a job with the asshats who designed the Mustang V8 Supercars

For a company called "Italiansteelart" they don't seem to do much with actual steel....ha ha...look at the gap between the flared arch & the bumper panel. Perhaps part of the "Safari Look" ? I've seen tighter panel gaps on home built billy carts.....


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