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The last owner, who bought it already converted, said it came with a 911E motor of 2.7 litres. I am in the process now of dropping the motor/transaxle and will get the serial number to confirm. 
The previous owner stated the old style cam covers were replaced with the “turbo?” less leaky one. Also replaced were the chain tensioners to the more modern ones. 

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Holy crap!!  Awesome!

Pic of the motor?  We will tell you quickly whether you got an MFI or CIS.  There was no such thing as a 2.7 911E.  Either a 2-2.4 MFI 911E or a 912E with a 4 cyl kombi motor, or a 2.7 911 (or 911S).   Or something completely different!  Green shroud would indicate a 2.7 911 motor (along with CIS injection intake)

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Ok we have a CIS 911 motor.. it’s wearing a orange/red shroud which points to a 3l not a 2.7.  It’s got plastic fuel lines so pre-1980.  Going by visual clues looks like a 78 SC motor - but that’s a wild guess as any of the parts can be swapped. What’s the number on top of the fan shroud?

You also have oil fed tensioners (bonus!) … but your ignition leads don’t seem to have a coil ?  Or maybe it’s mounted to the car somewhere.

Stealing this photo from another forum.. 

Engine_67S+962170_IMG_16331333286780a133green arrow = engine type 

red arrow = engine number

with those two & fan shroud part number we can figure out what you’ve got

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Pull the cam covers off & look at the head studs.

(Turbo cam covers & upgraded Tensioners means someone with a bit of old-school knowledge has played with it.)

If some studs have pulled out of the block casing - it is a 2.7.

If some studs have simply broken in two - it is a 3.0  .

If everything is good, with none of the above; you have won the "911 engine Lottery" 

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