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SOLD. For Sale Australian Delivered 1986 Series II 2.5 N/A 944

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After much deliberation and debate, mostly with myself, it's now time to act so,  I am putting up for sale my much loved Australian delivered1986 series II, NA 944.   

I am the second owner, I have full history /2 Keys / Plus various spares. The car was a good car when I purchased it, but with around 240k on the clock I chose to try and bring the car up to the best condition I could, as the list below of parts replaced will show. The car is currently on full NSW rego with custom plates.  

The car is an unmolested Original car all bar the tined windows. It still runs the original stereo & I have log books and receipts for any work done on the car . It has recently bean serviced at AutoWerks.

Price, well you be the judge. You can only go by what is out there, but anyone that knows my car will verify the work and the passion that has gone into it. With that said the price is $35,500 and lets see how we go. 

If you have any questions or want any extra photos, just ask.   

Here is a list of some of the things that have been done to the car since I purchased it. I will need to dig out some receipts to get the speedo read.

Action Speedo
New Clutch kit 230,553
Short Shift Kit 230,553
New Hand Brake mec 230,553
New Hatch release motor 230,553
New Hand brake lever 230,553
New power steering hoses 231,499
New Belts , seals W/Pump etc (Summerland Automotive) 232,531
Gearbox Rebuild (New Synchro's/BRG/ LSD etc) Outlaw engineering 233,080
Sway-bar bush Kits L/R 235,057
New OE Control arms assy and Bushes L/R 235,057
New OE Tie rod assy L/R 235,057
New OE engine mounts L/R 235,057
New OE Sump Gskt 235,057
New Remanufactured Steering Uni Shaft (Ex UK) 235,057
New Power Steer Hoses & Boots 235,057
New OE A/C compressor and Receiver Dryer plus re-gas 235,057
New Rear Hatch seal 235,057
New rear hatch strikers (New bottom Latches (not fitted yet) 235,057
New OE upgrade F/R shocks (Sach) 235,057
All wheel BRG checked and repacked 235,057
New Radiator hoses 235,057
New Fuel feed & Return lines 235,057
New Belts , seals W/Pump etc (Port Power Steer) Done correctly 235,057
New Air flow meter  
New OE Idle control sensor  
Injectors serviced cleaned and rebuilt  
Windows tinted  
Commander Cruse control fitted  
New door speakers Frt  
New Rear speakers (not yet fitted)  
Oil cooler Gsk kit and alignment tool (never needed)  
New battery 239,105
New OE throttle cable 239,105
New OE O2 sensor 239,105
New engine speed sensor 239,105
New TDC sensor 239,105
New OE centre console sunroof switch 239,105
Parts that come with car -   
New Rear Speakers  
New Sway bar Bush kit (ended up with two sets when purchased)   
New Rear Hatch Latches L/R  
Radiator Hose ? Upper or Lower  
New Oil Filter  
New Exhaust Gst Set  
New Shift Lever Clip  
New Oil-cooler Gst /Seal Kit plus Alignment Tool  
Hans Workshop Manual  
Sunroof centre Switch (second hand)  
New Fuel Injectors  
Original A/C Compressor (could put a seal kit through it and sell or keep as a spare)  
Original Air Flow meter (turns out nothing was wrong with it)  
Original Idle Speed Control Sensor (turns out nothing was wrong with it)  

Original Steering wheel (I purchased and fitted one in better condition)


























Boxster Wheels fitted bellow Will not come with the car.



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1 hour ago, Carrot01 said:

great looking 944.

11 cars? my letter from PCA states 140 series 2 (MY86) cars, I would need to know a portion of your VIN to work it out but its all good, nice car all the same 🙂

My information is from Australian Gov Rego data

52 minutes ago, michel said:

Ricky Baby .. that’s a sweet thang


glws !!!

BTW How much for the dash ?

Purchase the car & you can have the dash free 🙂


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