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Reborn 76 911S


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2 hours ago, P-Kay said:

Now the real fun begins!

Sure does. Looking forward to it. Just waiting on a few parts to come back from the being ceramic coated and the engine will go together. I have all the parts on a shelf. Where possible all lightweight RS OEM parts have been ordered. Just about to get started on restoring the wheels and bright work. 

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7 minutes ago, brian in buddina said:

What stage are you with the motor? Is it torn down yet? I’m interested in what work your needing to do and who you have doing the machine work.

It is completely torn down. Everything has been completely refurbished. Pistons went to US for reconditioning then it all went to the engineers for balancing. It is ready to go back together in the next few weeks when the remaining parts being cerakoted get back. Brad McKernan at McKernan restoration is doing the rebuild. They are at Kippa Ring so nice and local for you 

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On 12/10/2022 at 18:19, Mike D'Silva said:

Looking good!

Good to see the Wayne Dempsey book being put to good use. What sealant did you use between the case halves?


I’m at the workshop tomorrow so will find out and let you know. 

Just picked up the restored Fuchs. Before and after shots below.




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