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356 & 912 engines.

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Just wanted to post up a list of engines in the hope they might be reunited with the original body’s:
P* 80522 * from a ‘56 Super

P* 63512 * from a ‘56 Normal 

KD * P * 69334 * looks re-stamped. case halves are ‘68 cast from 616/40

* 747588 * 616/36 from a ‘66 912 coupe

* 4093316 * 

Also have a few more but the body’s are unlikely to be in Australia as I’ve imported these myself.
From memory a ‘58 Normal (rebuilt by Harry Pillow), ‘60 super 90, ‘60 super, ‘61 super 90, ‘63 normal. Another 912 (will likely end up in my outlaw 356C as it’s body was crushed) and  two industrial motors.

Still looking for P*710001*

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Wondering if anyone in the group can let me know what this engine is? A mate bought a VW with this in it.

Thank you.


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At a guess I’d say that’s a VW type 3 engine. 
does it have any cast stampings? 

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