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15" tyre options/recommendations

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Hi guys,

I need to replace my tyres on my 87 Carrera 3.2 that has original 15"x7" and 15"x8" Fuchs.  Currently I have old Pirelli P6000 with sizes 215/60/15 rear and 195/65/15 front (I believe the original factory front size was 185/70/15).

I have obtained a quote from Stuckey tyres for Pirelli CN36 in original sizes  215/60/15 and 185/70/15 for $2824 delivered to Perth ($751 and $571 per tyre + delivery).  I have read only good things about the Pirelli CN36. However, almost $3K just on tyres is blimmin expensive.

Alternatively the quote on replacement P6000s for $2280 delivered ($550 and $500 per tyre).  However, although $544 cheaper than a set of CN36 I believe the compound of the CN36 is far superior.

I believe that Dunlop also make a classic 15" tyre in contemporary rubber compound but these are apparently out of stock so not sure of the price difference.

Are there any other alternative tyres I should consider or other providers of the CN36 I can get a competitive quote from?







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 Depends what sort of driving you mainly do really.

 I've had Hankook Evo 2 on my SC for 5 years on and off, and they provide plenty of grip for 'spirited' driving, and great wet weather grip. They still have loads of tread left too. Think they were around $160-180 per tyre.

 There's also Nangkang NS2R which are apparently a good all round tyre a few mates are happy to have on their 911's. Then there's the Nangkang Sport tyre AR1's. I've had them when I had 15's fitted, and would definitely recommend them if you want to get up it a bit in the hills, as they provide loads of grip and a very predictable tyre in my opinion.  

Not sure on exact prices, yet they're around $180 a tyre the last time I looked a few months ago. My local tyre shop runs out pretty quickly, as they're a popular tyre among the Japanese sports car market

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