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SOLD 996.2 C2 Manual 3.9L engine

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Thanks to everyone who PM'd me with strong interest, good luck with your search

Hi everyone
I have put a deposit on another car and unfortunately I'm thinking of selling my much loved 996. 2003 Manual Coupe.
Drives and handles extremely well with lots of comfort from the newly refurbished OEM GT3 coilovers.
Bullet proof enlarged 3.9L engine using Hartech components, much more HP & Torque, pulls very hard.
Lots of highly regarded Melbourne independent Porsche mechanics commented how good and quiet the engine runs. Including Darren at Auto Coupe, Nick Cascone at Cascone Motor sport, David Brennan from Nurburgring Mechanical. Good solid engine
- 3.9L Hartech nikasil cylinders and pistons.
- Porsche genuine bottom end bearings.
- All new chains and tensioners and guides 2006+ IMS Shaft
- New engine bolts
- Cylinder heads crack test and rebuilt
- New water pump, AOS, various Coolant Hoses, expansion tank, new idler pulley and bearings, engine mounts, oil cooler, injectors,
oil pressure sensor, 997 coil packs and plugs, low temp thermostat
- New clutch, new flywheel, flywheel bolts, throughout bearing, pilot bearing
  • Engine rebuilt at 135,000km & Major service 20.11.2020 - Travelled 17,000 since rebuild with proven engine reliability, runs quiet, no oil leaks, (Now Currently at 152,481 kms)
  • Melbourne Delivered car ,( not an import)
  • Guards LSD diff, phenomenal performance and rear grip acceleration and handling.
  • Recently Refurbished 996 OEM GT3 coilovers with slightly softer valving 12.9.22
  • Eibach sway bars front & rear
  • Elephant Drop links front & Tarret rear
  • Android Auto/ carplay Tilting head unit including reversing camera, original stereo included
  • Brand New BBS RI-A 18" BBS wheels Super Light, yokohama advan neova ad08r plenty of tread
  • Completely refurbished Original OEM factory BBS wheels with Michelin PS2 N4 plenty of tread
  • Light weight Titanium wheel studs
  • Miltek Cup Mufflers, Sports headers, High Flow 200cel sports cats, FVD X-Pipe for that raspy sound
  • Exhaust sounds amazing, quiet in the lower revs but really come alive at higher revs, bit like a cup car, no drone.
  • Newish brake pads all around including new race brake fluid
  • New starter motor 
  • Brand new spare coolant expansion tank with New Coolant cap
  • Durometric Cable included
  • Street version F1st Transmission Mount inserts
  • New engine & transmission mounts 20.11.2020
  • Clear film wrap front bumper & headlights
  • A very thorough inspection & RWC by Auto Coupe everything checked out exceptionally 29.1.2021
  • New Genuine 996 floor mats,
  • New genuine Porsche key.
  • Have my own personal log book servicing & receipts as original books were lost by an earlier owner, major was completed with all fluids changed in Nov 2020
  • Engine oil changed every 6 months
Very well priced at $89,000, Open to negotiations as I require the garage space for the new car.
Located in Balwyn, Victoria 3103
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Cheers Jim

1 - 20220221_152454_copy_1008x756.jpg

2 - 20220221_152443_copy_952x378.jpg

3 - 20220221_152532_copy_1008x756.jpg

4 -20220327_112314_copy_1008x756.jpg

5 - 20220325_140325_copy_1008x756.jpg


7 - 20220222_111133_copy_1008x756.jpg

8 - 20201222_083738_copy_1008x446.jpg

9 - 20220329_112046_copy_1008x756.jpg

10 - 20220221_152827_copy_1008x756.jpg

11 - 20201226_133010_copy_756x1008_1.jpg

12 - 20220918_093209_copy_1008x756.jpg

14 - 20220918_092957_copy_1008x756.jpg

14A - 20220918_093202_copy_1008x756.jpg

15 - 20220918_092805_copy_1008x756.jpg

16 - 20220918_092838_copy_1008x756.jpg

17 - 20220918_092750_copy_1008x756.jpg

18 - 20220918_093303_copy_1008x756.jpg

19 - 20220918_093324_copy_1008x756.jpg

20 - IMG-20210103-WA0004.jpg


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8 hours ago, crsedge said:

@Lee- if there was ever a 996 to get you to make the leap of faith to a watercoooled 996, this would have to be pretty close 😎

 Was that aimed at me mate? 

 Very nice car and thanks, but I won't be buying anything in the near future

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