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FS 03 996 C4S Black manual

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Ok - Band-Aid off first - this C4S was a repairable write off in ‘05. Alas I have no details of the event or the work done.   The owner at the time passed away  about 5 years ago and his good mate Owner 2 took ownership and was oblivious to the history till we discussed it when I purchased. Unfortunately he couldn’t find any details of the write off.  I’m Owner 3.

If this history didn’t exist we’d be talking about an $135 to $140,000 given that it’s an 50,000 km car. I’ve discounted by a little more than 20% to account for the repairable write off history. I’m in no rush to sell so happy to wait for the purchaser that’s comfortable with the history.

I can tell you that before I purchased Porsche Melb did a major service. Immediately after I took ownership, PRT undertook an engine out service whilst attending to the IMS solution. Autohaus did an annual service about 1 month ago. Receipts are available for all of that work.

LSR Autobody tidied up a little paint work last month. Between PRT, Autohaus and LSR, none could find any issues to report that might linger from the repairable write off in ‘05.

If you would like to arrange aPPI at your expense for comfort you’re welcome. happy to discuss anything else you want.













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