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Update-Skid Pan and Driver Training Day- June 21

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A quick update on the “State of Play” for the planned Skid Pan and Driver Education Day at Gympie Sunday, .June 21.


We have 16 cars/people interested in participating on the day. We require 20 cars to keep prices at $130 per car for the day. If for example we only have 15 cars the price would go up to $174 and I really want to avoid that (as much for myself as anyone). Remember the date for final decision is April 30.


So if you know someone that would be interested tell them to contact me.


Please note a CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) extension is required. This is simply a matter of ringing your CTP provider and advising them that you are attending a Driver Education Day. This can only be issued within 30 days of the event. Many of you would already do this if attending a track day. Bit of a pain but it does cover you in the unlikely event of an accident.


Couple of people have offered to pay but I want to wait until I have then numbers confirmed. When this happens I will advise details for Direct Transfers and/or PayPal account.


Just wanted to say thanks to PFA and especially Kerry for allowing me  to post this on the forum. I know he puts lots of work into the forum and does a great job. Please note this a "Not for profit" event and is all about having a fun day and hopefully learning more about our cars and driving in general.


cheers Ken

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