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Weird Porsche over the years

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Following on from my 4 door oddities I thought may be fun to examine some of the strange cars that have both come from Porsche or more likely from the "tuning" world.

There have been some shockers!

I will kick it off with the Rinspeed R69, a truly hideous beast from the 80's. The most alarming fact is that it was supposed to be a modified 959! So they have made a rather unique and special car ugly and destroyed it's value!!

Apparently 10 - 15 were built (such a shame to destroy that many 959s!!) and half went to the US! For the Porsche owner who really wanted a Ferrari.....



Steering wheel controls, way ahead of its time!!


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Paris Dakar concept? It's ugly as hell.

It was called "Panamericana" presented to Ferry Porsche on his 80th birthday - poor bugger!!

Apparently the design was inspirational for the future Boxster....??!!

The tyres had Porsche emblem tread pattern


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Love the wierd stuff - especially the 80's tuners like Rinspeed, Gemballa, Koenig, Evex etc

1000sel.com is the reference site.

Another one to check out is the DP Cargo - coolest 924/944

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Rainer Buchmann's creation,he's back in business after years of absence.

He had a lot of vision back in the day ( not that it materialised in good looks )

He put things in his cars like mobile phones ,the first parking aid utilizing parts from a polaroid camera,digital information system with voice recognition and remote central locking system...all in the early 80's...

Some of his cars are featured in the movie "Car napping"  ,german spin off of "Gone in 60 seconds"

worth watching for the cars and lots of porsches (being stolen)

Most memorable is probably the Merc C311 he tuned up...



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"The C88 was a prototype family car designed for the Chinese market in 1994 by Porsche in response to the Chinese government's invitation to a number of international automotive manufacturers for a new range of cars.[1] It was completed in four months by Porsche engineers and was displayed to the public at the 1994 Beijing Auto Show. The prototype is now on display in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.[2]

The four-door compact saloon body[3] was unlike any other Porsche, and did not feature the Porsche badge anywhere. It was designed with only one child seat--reflecting Chinese population control policy--and the prototype was presented by CEO Wendelin Wiedeking himself, who learned his speech in Mandarin.[4] According to Porsche Museum director Dieter Landenberger, "The Chinese government said thank you very much and took the ideas for free, and if you look at Chinese cars now, you can see many details of our C88 in them."[4]

The C88 was intended to broaden the market for Porsche designs to India, where it was also unsuccessful.[5] Porsche has more recently engineered small cars for a range of manufacturers--including the Audi RS2, Lada Samara and SEAT Ibiza"


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