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Flag mirror Help advice needed


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Hi we finally got rid of the aftermarket mirrors on the car and have been struggling with flag mirrors to replace them with,

Please note the photos and note how it sits at the wrong angle, ?

Someone here said that there were no lhd or rhd bases it was just a question of where they mount?

Please see photos I have also picced a birds eye photo so you can see the offset,

can someone tell me if this is correct for rhd? I ask this because after the car was delivered new here about 5 years later it went to the states I don't know why and maybe they changed the doors?

Any way please have a look and tell me what you think this is a frustrating problem

Best Leonie


Here you can see above where we were going to drill but not sure if its the right course


And from the rear it really stands out and is not acceptable


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Hey 930,

I took my computer downstairs to compare your photos with my mirror, and it appears your mirror is not the correct one. The mirror on my cars drivers side has a thicker base that is angled more to make them appear straight ....

I don't know if this helps, or where your mirror came from, but my drivers side and passenger ones are different to that one ....

BTW ..... the mirror is in the right place, it doesn't go where you wanted to drill.

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I'd say "not acceptable" is a bit too polite  :rolleyes:


Whilst I maybe stating the obvious, there are side specific mirrors (LH & RH) - firstly make sure you have correctly established that (also try rotating the mirror so the base faces forwards). Secondly the locations for each side are different, the drivers side mirror is mounted further towards the front of the car than the passenger side. Thirdly, as Dreamr mentioned above the bases do look odd and would be worth confirming with an original car. 


Hope that helps. 

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I also thought about left and right positions, but it appears that the bases are wrong and aren't correct for this car.

The mirrors on my car have a base that extends longer and is then angled towards the car the make it sit right ....

I'm sure that between us all we will figure it out, but from my perspective, that's what I can see .....

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I took pics of mine for comparison ('86 - so might be different to yours) but location looks correct, but my bases appear to have much more of an angle to them (i.e thinner top area and thicker bottom area)...



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Yes agreed these are definitely the wrong bases,

im glad I asked I almost started drilling to make them sit at the right angle PHew,

They may be for a LHD Car that would make sense I think or a 944 possibly

A shame because these have never been used in brand new condition,

Have a nice weekend everyone :)

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If you use the trailing edge of the fender where it meets the door as a datum the front face of my driver side (RHS) mirror base is 80mm forward of this point and my passenger side base is 80mm aft of this point. 






There are several bases listed in my 83 parts manual.  Some are marked with an A, which stands for Stock To Be Used Up.









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