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VASS Engineers VIC

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not quite there yet but i was wondering what experiences you had with VASS engineers in and around Melbourne.

Once the 914 is put back together i will need a VASS approval certificate..my first thought was to contact an engineer before i get started to make sure all the mods i intend to do are ok.

I actually rang one in Melbourne and sent him a mail with the specs and what engine i want to put in etc...but i never got an answer.

I'd also like to be able to put the car on full rego but not sure if that's possible at all with a modified car (which it will be with a 3.0l engine)


Any recommendations for a VASS engineer ?

cheers Marty

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Marty, I would call one of the local respected Porsche Mechanics for some regular first hand experience on this one.

I know of some, however some first hand experience is what you need. You need someone that is easy to deal with for this stuff !

All the best :)

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