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Replacing Sunroof seals on a 1986 911

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I am trying to replace the felt seals , front one is straight forward but the back one is the issue ,

do you have to remove the sunroof or can it be done in place , the new seal for the rear also looks a bit thinner than the one that is there at the moment .




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Yes, to replace the back one you need to remove the sunroof panel.  But it is ingeniously simple and if you Google it there are some good threads with pictures on Rennlist and Pelican that show you step by step.

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So when getting a car painted, and the seals need to be replace, which are the seals and part numbers required?

I'm not meaning to sound lazy, but when I look a the parts diagram, there are a tonne of parts, and I'm not too sure what is needed?

Car is a 1977 911. 

The parts I have ordered are

911 564 409 00

911 564 191 00

911 564 193 00

911 564 465 00


Any guidance always appreciated :)

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