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Car Share / Joint Ownership

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There are some very nice cars around and joining the club is not getting any cheaper.

A post I saw from Symsy got me thinking.

part ownership, joint ownership, corporation, club.  How would it work?


Ok who wants to go thirds then , I have done crazier things with a 40ft Riveria , it only took 3 attempts in the first few weeks to learn how to park it , with each owner lavishly kissing the public pier.

Clammy hands as Im typing 

I have waited for a long while for another ménage à trois

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funny you mention that I had a mate contact me about this 3 weeks ago - hes been wanting to get in for awhile and I have been counselling him these past 3 years. babow.

Like many others who have been waiting, longing for their perfect car - it has now escaped some.

So joint ownership, could well work for some.

I have had previously a car share arrangement with a good mate and neighbour. Not porsche car. But can be made to work.

Lets be honest aside from the desire to possess, to covet, to lust, we know some of us just don't drive em that much. So syndicated ownership may be a good alternate for some to explore 5 people 3 cars?


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I wouldn't join any syndicate that would have me as a member.

its a good idea if the joy is in the driving.

For me a lot of the joy is in the owning, the maintaining and cleaning.  Sharing that with someone else just wouldn't work.


everyone is different though.


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Yes, you would have to find a joint owner with very similar plans for the car and someone you trust.

Someone in Qld and someone in southern states could work with opposite driving seasons.  But then again if the car was close by you could drive/see it anytime.

I think it would be very very hard.

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