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Porsche Virgin needs help


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Hi all, new to forum and just about to purchase an very well serviced 1998 Boxster.  Some help needed please.  This car has done 160,000 km, full service history with Porsche Sydney South and Autohaus Hamilton.  IMS bearing not been done nor has the RMS or AOS.  Should I be concerned?

I am thinking of getting the IMS bearing and RMS done just for peace of mind, am I being anal? Should I bother?

Where would you guys recommend I get the IMS and RMS done at a fair price and by a genuine, well qualified Porsche specialist?

any help really appreciated.


guy, should have said.... Ryde area of Sydney for good Indi Porsche specialist.  Any suggestions?

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I haven't had much to do with IMS issues to be honest but I know from others on here it is generally a recommendation as a preventative measure. 

That way you can just get on with enjoying the car! 

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