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[Vic] Sunday 19th July Moto Bean Cafe. Malmsbury.

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So, I am going for a drive on Sunday and if any PFA members want to join me or meet up at Moto Bean great.

The weather for Sunday is looking good, fine and 14 degrees. 

I discovered this place a while ago and have been wanting to check it out. Thought it would make a good day trip.


I was thinking of leaving Lilydale (Olinda Creek Hotel, Main Street Lilydale) At 7,30 head up through, Kinglake, Kilmore, then up the Calder to Malmsbury. 

Will PM exact planed route, then you can print it off so no one gets lost. 

Start point, Olinda Creek Hotel location.


Distance is 185km from Lilydale, or meet up along the way or at Moto Bean.    

Just thought I would put it out there if anyone is keen for a drive on Sunday.  

I will be taking it very easy as I am still getting to know my car. So if someone else wants to take lead that's fine by me.

PFA SMT rules apply. Of course road rules/laws apply.  Your car, your responsibility.



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Sounds good.    I'm a maybe...   Not sure if I will get the entire trip in but certainly some of it if I can get there.

I will confirm Saturday night. 


9.30 is a bit of a late start, if it's a good day there will be a lot of traffic and pushies out there, but happy to go with that.



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Just a suggestion Fraz, don't want to change your plans at all, but even 8 is a tad late,   I would suggest a meet at, at LEAST 0700. then get away asap from there.  

If you don't have many cars a later start would be probably be ok to a point, but if you get a few, and it does look like a good run, with good weather, the earlier the better.

We normally find most members like to do an early run and then head home to "do stuff"  by lunch time or not long after.

But mate, it's up to you and I may not be able to make it myself, so don't let me dissuade  you from organising it.   Great to see.

PLUS..... it's been a long time between coffee's, bacon and egg sandwiches and a good SMT.  


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Edit to leave time.

Just been chatting to a mate who lives in KingLake area, he was telling me the Kangaroos are out and about early in the mornings.

So with that in mind I am leaving at 7,30am from Lilydale.  



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Maybe for me...


Hmmmmmmmm.......Is there another SMT left in the brakes? Maybe.

Time is certainly on the late side for me. Need to see what the weekend has planed.

Brakes are the enemy of speed T-Man...

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weather looking good, start time looking good IN

If your going, I had better come to make sure you don't play up.

Niko, you in?


And if you are in, I expect to see you in that fancy new black beast!

Unless the weather changes for the worse, the Black Beasty will be there,

So definitely in..desismileys_3094-1_zps0fd46719.gif

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I touch down from 2 weeks in China on Sunday morning, disappointed to miss this.

Have been day dreaming about my 964 while away, desperate to get home and behind the wheel. 

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