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Any info on 911 50 in Aus

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There is one at CTS at the moment that looks beautiful. They were 270k new I believe. The one at CTS is apparently one of two manuals and the only one that came with a powerkit. God knows what they want for it...

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Chris, I picked up a second hand one, coincidently the one mentioned above from CTS.  Paid a reasonably negotiated price a bit less then what they wanted.  There is actually another one on carsales at the  moment similar kms, Geyser grey (cream white) Auto, sunroof and no power kit. Wanting $335K.  The X51 power kit with associated options makes it a similar spec (power, suspension, exhaust) to the GTS and given its a manual was exactly what I wanted.

Driving through Byron this Thursday in fact, bringing back to Brisbane.  Plan for car is to drive it. (not store).  Thinking about an AWE exhaust, will definitely get local detailer to see to it and put on ceramic pro.  Other consideration is possibly look for another set of wheels so can keep the Fuch's in good nick.     Thats the plan anyway !  Might get it home,  park it in the garage, never drive..the sell at a hugh discount to purchase in a couple years time :)  

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Gents, Probably not the correct post location but FYI and opportunity before I list / discuss more widely, is that Im considering letting go of my P50 given some other things that have come up.  Love the car, want to keep it but having to make the difficult choice. As you guys will know, I think Porsche really nailed it with this one. A very engaging wide body, rear drive car that is further enjoyed and appreciated by any who have walked around it and noticed the throwbacks over 50 years of 911.  Anyone on here directly interested feel free to private message.  9,800km. Graphite Grey. Manual and only one in Aus with the 430HP engine.  Given on 22 come to Aus out of 1963 built is rarer here then the 911R will be (25 out of 991 to be built Ive heard)



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This means a two-wheel drive configuration and 294kW 3.8 litre flat six, but will be wrapped in the wider body usually reserved for the Carrera 4, GT3 and Turbo variants.

Limited to just 1963 cars worldwide (in reference to the year of the first 911), the 50th Anniversary Edition will be identified by unique 20 inch wheels, styled to ape the classic Fuchs design.

Unique body details include specific “911 50” badging, chrome elements to the front air intakes, and the engine cover and rear valance feature retro-styled grilles to mimic the original 911.

Three body colours will be available, including monochrome black, and the unique graphite and geyser metallic greys.

Other features include Porsche’s Active Suspension Management (PASM) system, along with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), and both 7-speed manual and PDK automatic transmissions will be available. 

On the inside, the “911 50” will be repeated in the instrument cluster, along with numerous retro touches such as unique houndstooth seat trim and aluminium trim highlights from the Porsche Exclusive catalogue.

Porsche has confirmed that the model will make its way to Australia, but is yet to confirm exact numbers.

Local pricing will kick off at $270,100, representing a $27,000 premium over the regular Carrera S manual, and the first examples are expected to arrive before the year’s end.

This reporter is on Twitter: @Mal_Flynn


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