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It's that time again.....one week and counting until the next Cars and Coffee Byron Bay.

Byron Bay is now just 1 hour and 38 minutes without traffic at the posted speed limit.    No excuse for not dropping in and tasting the egg and bacon rolls or the fully cooked breakfast at Three Blue Ducks (Twood and Steiny would agree).

As always, two prizes being given away - Car of the Day and Chef's Choice.



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no neighbour issues then ;)

never mind that Mr T,.we have our other issues such as gale force winds from being at the top if a hill,  and other groups competing for our space ( healthy living workshops!!!) 


At least we don't have burnout problems 

I'll be coming down for a drive. Will have the Wagon out and hopefully no howling wind!

Cheers Theo Z.................

weather is looking great all week. 

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