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Man from UNCLE cars

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Just got back from Gold Class...

Not a bad take on the 60s theme series.

Plenty of tasty cold war era autos making cameo appearances , but don't expect more than a wink from the Ferrari 250GTO on the movie poster.

The East Germany car chase is a good one. Son & I were giggling at the performance of the star cars, you'd only get it if you know about these cars ex factory.

....Straight home to leaf through my copy of Cars Of Eastern Europe. Son is studying the cold war at present , so it's all good for his education.


**********************SPOILER ALERT LOOK AWAY**********************


"Yet all is not what it seems, because the “classic” Trabant and Wartburg cars used in the film are actually heavily modified for the silver screen. The film’s vehicle co-ordinator, Alex King, provided an insight into the work involved in transforming arthritic two-stroke Sixties cars into all-action heros.

King said: “The two-stroke engines are about good enough for a sewing machine but as far as chasing sequences were concerned they were no good at all. 

“We literally pulled the body off, threw away the chassis on the Wartburg and built a new one. We mounted Volvo 380 engines, rear-drive, which are commonly used for drifting. So that’s what ended up happening, backs out, rear-wheel drive. 

“We ended up with several ‘hero’ Wartburgs to produce that chase. We fitted power steering, hydraulic handbrakes, different braking systems, sports suspension, coil-over springs; it became very much a track car and incomparable to the original Wartburg that we started with. 

“We had to modify the engines with the Trabants as well. We used 1.4-litre VW Polo engines, so it ended up a front-wheel-drive vehicle. 

“To get the vehicles drifting, we also ended up building two rear-drive Trabants with Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engines, and they were pretty much like bullets. They were ridiculously fast.” "


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When the centre consol rotates the tacho on the left is on zero. 

I dont remember that movie. What type of car was that based on? 

It was a multiseries TV show from 1964-68. Low budget , filmed around Hollywood , the females were stunning - not the pampered waifs that you see today.

Robert Vaughn starred with McQueen in the Magnificent Seven , and was one of the hearthrobs of the time. Always had  a great sense of humour on screen and the consummate effortlessly smooth guy.

The Piranha was a indeed a POS , but then again , what movie vehicle wasn't? The Jaguar XJS they used in the New Avengers kept breaking down and in some scenes they had to use 5-6 guys to push it to film some scenes! The Delorean is a POS really , but have you seen the way it turns heads? People like stuff that's quirky and unique. Some of them even aspire to own them. I'd have a flat 6 Piranha in my garage , if only for the devices. I've got too many wallabies and possums that need attention B)

The original Man from Uncle is cool in a way modern CGI infested movies aren't. I might be getting old , but I enjoy watching good acting,  and the OTT action is often a bit generic/hohum these days. I thought the contemporary MFU movie was well filmed/acted, certainly better than most Bond films until the Craig era.

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