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Classic Car Show


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  • Friday 7.30pm - 8.30pm
  • SBS

This series, hosted by journalist Quentin Willson and supermodel Jodie Kidd, provides unprecedented access to the iconic cars, personalities and events that underpin the classic car world. It's an emotional start for the series as Quentin falls in love with the automotive icon that sums up the feel-good 60s American Dream, the Ford Mustang. At London Fashion Week, we compare a million-dollar classic Mercedes against its modern counterpart in the classic desirability stakes. There's a $10,000 classic that divides opinion like Brussels sprouts, and we follow classic car expert Chris Routledge as he discovers a finny 60s gem that's been forgotten in a hedge for thirty years. Meanwhile, Jodie goes all misty-eyed when she takes the wheel of a $10 million Ferrari California Spider V12.

And this on Saturday

  • 2pm - 3pm
  • ONE

The V8 Supercars support categories are back on track at Sydney Motorsport Park. Join Chad Neylon and his special guest commentator for the latest race of this action packed series.


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