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Car Pickup and Storage - Goldcoast or Brissy

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Hi , Im overseas and need to get a car picked up and taken to storage or to  someone like Don Monroe for a little bit of work  later on and storage after or could be done in any order if Don could store. i havent used Muro before and havent been able to speak to him today adn I realise its nightime in Aus.

Im in final negotiations on a car but would need to seal the deal whilst im out of town in the next 5 days

The car is near gold coast and will need to be stored for a month in my absence but is unregistered

Does anyone have any knowledge of someone who could do this on my behalf. Someone with a flatbed or otherwise that they have used and happy with their service?

If someone has a trailerand want s to do it also happy to pay someone in PFA


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Im looking for a 930 , 85 - 88 coupe/targa , a 356 A shell hope fully and and 997 gt3 , also a hot rod

Selling a few other investments and figure with the crazy times , put what i want in the garage ..obviously I hope they dont all come at one , but thats the looking list

Along with a ESCORT BDA /Mexico which may be harder than a Porsche to find

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