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got a mood on and thinking about a road trip. the calendars always full kids, partners, work, mowing. but hey if mr fish could strap it on and go fetch a turbo all that…only months go? so why nt no reason needed as I'm oft in trouble for nipping out to get the paper  and invariably take the long road so why not just keep trukin. so my idea is deeply malformed but

criteria  - less travelled roads, bends, truckstops...the ones with trucks pinned to the walls and where they turn the showers off on you midway through a soap..shit coffee essential,


...some of that sounds familiar ...


WAKEFIELD HISTORICS 18-19-20 September


GENTS if you want a suds free weekend, want mr fish to strapiton for you…18-19-20 september WAKEFIELD HISTRIONICS. its near Goulburn..

anyone keen?

great coffee to be had at the 'park' opposite the park on main street, great roads with soft edges..


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Was out there yesterday for practice - you can get all weepy standing trackside 

got a demo on how to use my paddock starter from Garry Simpkin , one of oz's heel and box masters

some me great cars out there ...if you're heading to canbra Sunday for German Autofest ... Take the time 


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