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The Porsche Muster 2015 Race to Uluru has started!

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The fundraising team, represented in the race by the Blue Gnome (see the video on our facebook page ) have hit an early lead and the latest race data has them with a strong $1212 headstart on their way to reach the $8570 target...meanwhile, the drivers of the White Gnome have their work cutout for them. They are still making last minute preparations before they leave Perth in a little over a week driving the 944S2. The drive team of Chris Molloy and David McIntyre are covering 8570klm in 10 days in the Race to Uluru to stop cancer....can they make up the 1212klm and go on to win the Race to Uluru to stop Cancer before the fundraisers hit their target? Get involved by joining the fundraising team or if you have a Porsche and want to drive with us for any part of the race, stay tuned to the race updates and locations as we race to wards the finish in Sydney, via Uluru over the 10 day race plan. To join the fundraising team follow the link below. You can follow our progress on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PorscheMuster 


race to uluru 2105.jpg

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Greeting from Katherine NT PFA members!

We have just completed over 4000klm in our Race to Uluru to Stop Cancer. The 944S2 has cruised through 43 degree temps, dodged countless wildlife and all in all been performing brilliantly. We covered around 1000k yesterday and are taking a bit of a break today after making the short 200k drive from Victoria River to Katherine. Tomorrow we do a big Right hander and head South towards Uluru. We have just over taken the fundraising team after trailing for the past 5 days. If you would like to join the Race to Stop Cancer, you can donate at http://curecanceryourownidea.gofundraise.com.au/page/911

We are posting regular updates on our Race to Uluru facebook page. Please feel free to like the page and help us to hit our fundraising target of $8570($1 per kilometer, before we complete the physical k's in the car.

Thanks for watching and your support!

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