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surf n turf - cross border mash - register your interest

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Gents had a great weekend and covered ground on some amazing roads driving cbr-south coast-Cowra -cbr

so thinking itd be great to organise a posse and do another run as the weather is warming. Involves leaving very early involves blk coffee meeting somewherte in country NSW then  probably staying overnight hopefully at a decayed sth coast caravan park and then onwards home the next day

dont care what you drive water oil front rear ill take it all ways

REGISTER your INTEREST details to be sorted.







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Caravan park? Looks more like a meth lab...

parents due in town soon for a month so opportunities to sculk away will be few (wife has a 2 hr max policy alone with the parents) but stick up some dates and if I can make it I will. Even if I can't fit in the head to toe thing, I'll be up for a early meet and days drive - dash back kind of thing.

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