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[VIC] Motorkhana R3 - Sunday 8th of November 2015

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By demand it's back again. Sunday 8th of November.

What is a Motorkhana?

Motorkhana days are all about friendly competition and having fun in a controlled environment with like-minded individuals. The courses are made up of cones laid out on a large skid pan for you to follow around.


It's a great way to learn your car whilst having some room to move and make mistakes which shouldn't end up with your car in pieces.


How did the last Motorkhanas go?

For anyone who's interested in a wrap up how it was last time, take a look at the last page of the previous




Foresite training facility - Banfield Ct, Laverton North VIC



8am - 5pm Sunday 8th of November


How much?

$100 per driver and lunch is included. Passengers & spectators are free. 


What do I need?

Personal Requirements:

  • A regular drivers license
  • Long sleeve and long pants of non-synthetic material. 
  • Enclosed footwear of some type.

Vehicle Requirements: 

  • Vehicle in good running condition, this includes: 
  • Tyres in roadworthy condition with enough tread 
  • No oil or fluid leaks 
  • Brakes in good working condition 
  • No loose parts, including battery 
  • Vehicle interior and boot clear from loose objects (including spare wheel) 
  • Aftermarket bonnets (CF/Fibreglass/etc) will require a secondary restraint, such as a strap/chain/belt/pins). This is not required for factory bonnets.

Multiple driver cars?

If you are wishing to share a vehicle with a friend please make sure you note that in your entry form so that we can assign you with enough gap between you that we don't not slow the event down. You both will need to submit an entry each.


What about maps?

The Course Maps and the Days Full Running Sheet will be publish a few days before the event.


Will my car be covered by insurance?

Your car will not be covered by insurance at the facility. We have driver instruction insurance for the day which includes public indemnity and covers the facility. Any damage which is caused by you to the facility, you will need to pay for.


How do I enter?

  • 24th September (Thursday) - Sign up form open 
  • 2nd October (Friday) - Entry invitations go out 
  • 9th October (Friday) - Payments due
  • 30th October (Wednesday) - Last day to pull out
  • 8th November (Sunday) - Motorkhana!

Once entries are received, payment information will be sent out. Please pay promptly to secure your spot. Groupings and supp regulations will be released closer to the date. 

Sign up form is located at http://goo.gl/forms/ot4YgvJRPH


There is a maximum of 22 entries for this event so if you want you or your friends to be driving, sign up and get your money in to lock in your spot! It is first come first served in regards to registrations, so don't leave it too late or you might miss out! There will be a waiting list so if anyone drops out, you might be able to steal their spot.


Other notes:

  • Everybody is welcomed, no matter how new or experienced you are at driving. We are friendly and encourage newcomers. 
  • There will be instructors available who will be available all day if you're not sure or need a little help.
  • Passengers will be allowed after the first session and will continue at the discretion of organisers. They will have to sign an indemnity form at the start of the day.
  • Please be on time! There will be scrutineering at the start of the day prior to driver briefing and you are also required to visit the pit office for document checks/filling in indemnity form. 
  • There will be a driver's briefing prior to commencing at approximately 8:45AM. All drivers are required to attend the driver's briefing or will not be allowed to participate. 
  • Please make sure your car is prepared, the quicker everybody is ready to go and have their car checked, the more track time we can have. 
  • No scrutineering, no driver briefing or no form means you will miss out.
  • This is not a serious event, we are all here to have an enjoyable day. Please drive safely and follow instructions, or you will be banned from further driving. 

For the people who are borderline and concerned about risks or damage to their car:

  • Risk is less than driving on the road since you will be in a controlled environment and be doing slower speeds than you normally would be
  • Tyre wear is minimal due to the concrete surface even when you're sliding
  • There shouldn't be any mechanical damage to your car as you shouldn't be stressing any limits unlike on a track
  • You will have plenty of space to make mistakes meaning you won't hit anything
  • Only one car will be on the course at a time which means there should not be any collisions
  • You don't have to use handbrake, some people prefer not to use their handbrake, it's your preference

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask




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I just realised I have a dinner the night b4 which requires drinking alcohol ?. Might have to let the other half give it a whirl. :( will see

I faced the same dilemma the other weekend. No reason you can't have alcohol the night before, just be sensible and keep it tame.

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