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Audi Extended warranty worth it?

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My 2010 GTI:

In two years of ownership, 40,000km:

- 2 new cylinder heads

- 1 new turbo

- 2 water pumps.

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IMHO the straight answer to your question is......YES.....buy it. My experience of Audi is so bad that I would absolutely recommend the extended warranty


Our 2005 A6 4.2 Quattro was so expensive in its 7 year of ownership I would never wish it upon another human being. After 6 years and 70,000kms it was fine, but the 7th year incurred $35,000 of maintenance and parts replacement (no, that is not a typo!). Front diff, 8 coil packs (as they were engineered with one per lead, ABS control unit, FNS hub, 2 x throttle position sensors and both catalytic converters all failed in the space of 7 months in 2012! And Audi didn't give a single dollar of assistance to the dealer or us. Insanely piss poor!

We sold the car for a $27,000 trade in 4 months later. 

Never....ever again will we buy an Audi. Protect yourself if you have one.



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