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Shannons insurance

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2 minutes ago, OZ930 said:

Tried that, they wouldn't wear it.  Heard of others having the same experience.

Works for me :)

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4 hours ago, ANF said:

That may or may not be true, but has anyone made a claim with the others?

After 2 recent claims with Shannons I won't be changing.

I have had a claim with Shannons 

 a very unsatisfactory experience with Shannons about 8 years ago over some $2000 worth panel damage that occurred to an HSV I had at the time ,,,the damage was not my fault a lady in a large 4X4 backed into my car reverse parking and damaged the bonnet and grill with her rear mounted spare tire ...The Lady waited for me to return to the car after she hit it and gave me her details and was very apologetic about the damage she had caused ....I contacted Shannon my insurer with her details and insurers details ...shannons offered to take care of every thing due to the car being a near new HSV and told me every thing would be fine ......after all they are the insurer for the motoring enthusiast ....Car was dropped of at a shannons approved panel repair shop week later for assessment and repairs 2 day job ...The panel shop told me that the bonnet and grill would be replaced and repainted to match and be ready the next day ....?

Upon picking up the car I could clearly see that the bonnet had not been replaced and that auto filler had been used instead ,,it was a very average sub standard  job and stood out like dogs balls  ...I decline taking car on the grounds the repair was sub standard and contacted Shannons about the issue and this is were things went from Bad  to worse ....

The panel shop claimed the repair was fine and shannons would not send some one out to check the work due to the small amount eg $2000....this dragged on for weeks and my car was left out in the weather in a storage yard until after many phone calls and emails to there head office they finally sent a rep out to inspect the work ...I was present at the inspection and asked why the bonnet was not replaced the panel shop told me HSV bonnets  were a very pricey item ,,,,Bull sh#t the bonnet on that model was the same as a standard commodore at the time and cost $375 from my local dealer ,I had done my home work and the grill was only $400 ,,so $800 in parts the rest in labor and paint ,,,the panel shop who represented Shannons was trying to pass the buck ...In the  end after even more phone calls and finally  talking to Fair trading shannons agreed to replace and repaint the bonnet and due to fair tradings involvement I managed to get the car detailed and paint corrected after it sat outside for some 5  weeks .....

Yes I got a victory in the end but only really a moral one ,,,,,After close to six weeks of being stuffed around I was well over Shannons and those who represented them a simple two day repair had caused a lot of frustration and heart ache for me and all could have been avoided .......I cancelled all policies with them and have had nothing to do with them since ...

Yes you can clearly place the blame on the body shop ...But shannons clearly did nothing to resolve the issue quickly and clearly dragged it out hopping I would accept the repaired bonnet and go away ,their behavior was very disappointing and they only seemed to get motivated once fair trading got involved ,,,due to this experience I will never have another policy with them again and would pay more with another insurer to avoid them ................insurance for the motoring enthusiast yeh right :rolleyes:

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Now, as a long term client with Shannon's, despite having no documents, non matching numbers on my recently purchased 911, ( backdate ) they didn't flinch when asked what I paid, they were only too happy to insure for the purchase price. Don't see any reason to change at this stage. 

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