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Perhaps you guys could discuss joint custody? I'll throw in a labbie.

Ideally would like it gone in the next week 

Btw Barry are you sort of a neighbour of Barrie Reade?

I can drop it at a pack n send 

Inter parcel might be more cost effective 

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I've put through a quote request, alternatively happy to work with whichever transport company is easier for you. I've had bad experiences with Pack & Send though.... Interparcel seems like they require it to be packed or wrapped, so probably not the best option

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Noted the karmic wheel round here lately has sounded more, well like a fri night chook raffle ... 

Barry what was your random act of goodwill and kindness? 

I sent some stuff to edgy to go with a 924 that I used to own.


Finally got that pic of the hardtop too. Thanks Michel


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