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Reinstate Factory Windscreen Antenna


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My 964 still has the factory windscreen with antenna built in. As far as I know, the power amplifier is still fitted under the dash.

I want to decommission the 90's dealer installed fender telescopic antenna and reinstate the windscreen antenna. Is it just a matter of removing the stereo, unplugging the fender antenna power cable and my factory cable should still be installed and sitting back there somewhere?

Do we know if the dealers (back in he 90's), removed the factory antenna cable when installing their telescopic fender antenna?

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plug should still be there

telescopic were fitted because around toorak/south yarra was bad reception

a high proportion of cars were owned in this area

Thanks jnr, I'll pull out my stereo and look for the plug. 

I had heard this fitment story in the past, it's a good one!

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Mine must be one of the few that escaped the telescopic antenna fitting and retained the screen antenna.

The plug is just a standard looking black antenna plug, works fine.


Thanks Fraz, big help that picture. I'm going to have a play around tonight when I get home from work. 

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