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PFA F1 Dream Team 2016

Stew F

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Hi PFA'ers.  I’ve started a 2016 Formula 1 Dream Team.  It’s free to play, and the league I've set up is open to PFA members only.  The league is called Porsche Forum Aust

Go to https://sportsdeck.com/au/f1/dreamteam to register.  Click on the big orange JOIN NOW button.  When you get to the The Formalities section there are 2 tick boxes. You don't have to tick the first box, but you do have to accept the T&C's. 

Once in, enter your name, gender, and date of birth (you must be 18 & over).  There are a couple of fields that aren't mandatory, so don't fill them in if you don't want to; they're phone number & occupation.

On the next screen enter your PFA screen name as your team name and click on  I WAS INVITED TO JOIN LEAGUE. Enter the code 155721 to join the league.  The reason for using your PFA screen name as your team name is so we all know who's who.  For example, my team name is Stew F.

Once registered, confirm your membership by sending me a private message via the forum.  Then I'll set up a spreadsheet to log the results after each race, and post the round's results and overall league standings.  There is prize money for 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall is $500, $250 & $250 respectively.  That’s for the entire competition, not just our league.  During the season I’ll try to rustle up a prize or two for the winner and runner up.

Have fun with it.


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Great competition, really challenges your like/dislike for certain drivers versus actually pulling the trigger on allocating your limited budget for them :)

I look forward to seeing how other's manage their teams and score points

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But wait, there's more.  Prior to each race I'll post a Formula 1 trivia question.  The first person to post their answer here will get to start on Pole Position for that race. They'll also receive a handy 5 points. The person with the most Pole Position points at the end of the 15 races will get something.  Not sure what yet, but I'll figure something out.

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How do you do that Stew? Can you customise the playing parameters?

Bring it on, the more the merrier :D

No, I'm running a spreadsheet on the side.  My intention is to keep the Pole Position points separate to the league points.  The only thing is I'm not eligible forn the Pole Position part as I have full control over it.  As in, I ask the question. :D & :(

Another one joined today.  That's 6 now.

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You get qualifying points and race points.  If you go right to the bottom of the page and click on How To Play it brings up a dashboard with a number of headings.  Click on POINT SCORING and it will show you how points are awarded.  I merely added the Pole Position thing to make it a bit more PFA interactive.

Don't forget to nominate your team captain for double points.

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OK teams,  the first correct answer to this question gets 5 Pole Position points.  Answer must be submitted here prior to the start of the race.

Which team won the first ever constructor's championship, in what year, and who were the team drivers?

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What have I missed.....all of our scores show zero still..

The site says that scores are updated the next day by 17:00 Monday

While scores are not published yet, you can work out what your score is by looking at who you picked and their finishing position.  

Speaking personally my drivers did not do well and suspect my choices were based on preferred drivers rather than a realistic assessment of who would do well.  

Whereas Stewart picked much more sagely than myself :)

Points are calculated as follows:

Formula 1 Point Scoring
PositionQualifying/GridRace Results


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