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So once more into the breach comrades...

Already Haltech EFI converted 3.6 varioram 964 motor with ported heads, 993 RS cams,ARP stud everything. Fabspeed headers, 12xLS1 coils etc etc, G50 gearbox, 996tt brakes.

Inside is 964 everything including dash and Porsche script seats. 

Plans are another custom turbo set up but this time twin turbo, because if one is good two should be better right? 



I picked these up for it today. For me they are THE quintessential wheel. They are genuine 1991 date stamped non denloc RUF Speedline.



Will post some more pics when I get the car home. 

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86 I think. If I’m honest I can’t remember lol.

The really funny part is I’d been given the green light to buy the Grey Ferrari F360 and yet my bucket list OCD stopped me as this car is as you know a fish that once got away from me. 

Italian ladies can wait. 


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New car looks great, I say that as I have a 78 that looks near identical.

with your plans to fit Rufs, let me know if the current rims are surplus?

look forward to watching this one progress...

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Cheers Gents. Should be a bit of fun. Turbo conversion might take a little while tho as I’v got a few kilos of fish in the pan right now.

Not really apples for apples Sam. Old motor was a big single turbo new motor will  be 2 small twins. Mmmm twins. 


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Juuuust short. like .05mm.

Where is that file...

Assuming it is a tapered inside rim, would a 3mm spacer give you the clearance.  I have a couple if you would like to try.

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