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Hi Guys,

the other day i noticed a very small puncture/tear in the dash on the bottom section about 6 inches to the left of the ashtray.   After tearing my hair out trying to imagine what could have caused it and contemplating punching my own ticket i managed to put things in perspective.. a little bit.    

so was wondering, is it possible to replace just the very bottom left section of the dash ?  i.e. is this a seperate part number ?  or would you need to replace the whole kit and caboodle ?

I presume it's not possible to actually repair when there is a tear/puncture.





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yes turns out it is a seperate part (the knee pad) and costs circa $700 AU ex Porsche Germany.  Will probably pull the trigger at some stage unless i can find someone local who can repair perfectly.  


with the new knee pad my only concern (aside from the price :)) would be and difference in colour to the remaining/old dash due to age/fading.

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