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Hi all, new member here.

I have had my 928 for about 18 months now and I use it as a daily driver.

Its an Australian delivered 1983 928S, 4.7, 3 Spd Auto, colour is Hellbronze.

Im in the Riverina (Wagga) so if there are any other owners around, get in touch, would be great to do a local Porsche run every now and then.

Cheers, Adam Obrien.

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Im sure others can relate but was actually looking for a decent 944 when this popped up on the radar. 

A 944 is still on my radar but quite happy to continue the rolling resto of the 928 in the mean time.

As a child of the 80's, the 911 Turbo graced my walls as a poster many times. 

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