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Your Porsche - a movie star??


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just saw this on FB


Hi All
Received an email this morning regarding 2 Porsches being required for a Brisbane and Gold Coast movie shoot.  Please please conduct your own due diligence. I'm 50/50 on posting but maybe of interest to a club member. I rang and spoke to Praveen. Doing a Bollywood movie on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. No carchase and confirmed it is PAID. You can advise the $$ and prepared to transport and pay any insurance impost. Needed for a week. I advised them to chime into this post if more to say but Ill monitor.

 Over to you.. Maybe a PCQ member wants there baby in a movie but be very aware PCQ has ZERO to do with endorsing and for that reason alone as I said I am 50/50 on posting but could be a bit of fun and we are all adults after all. Make up your own mind.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are looking to hire Porsche car for movie shoot in Brisbane and gold coast. Can you please help me out if any one of your club member can help us out.

required cars
Porsche 911(black)
Porsche 981(white) 

from 15 the April to 24th April.

7 Hills Entertainments 


PO Box 466
Biggera Waters, Gold Coast, QLD 4216

Call  Praveen +61410830562


Preetham / Praveen
7Hills Entertainment
Brisbane Australia

SUPPORTED    MEDIA PARTNERS                                            SPONSORS

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