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Carrera 3.0 tool kit contents?

James P

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What you have is very nice, but you are missing......

5 x Selected Special Steel open enders.

Spark plug tool.

Tow hook.


10 x 13 Klien tube spanner, this is only in 3.2 kits and not SC kits.

Small tube to use with the 6mm allan key.

Small adaptor for the crank handle, they are used for seats and windows in post '87 cars.


Gloves and tyre bag.

I don't believe shop towels were ever supplied with 911 kits but some owners buy them as an addition (me soon).

I hope this has helped, I would struggle to upload a photo but can easily email a photo of a complete kit.



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With towel too...there seems to be quite an availability of those towels (or reps maybe) on FleaBay.

Are you a concours guy :)

G'day Doug,

No mate, definitely not a concours or anorak type guy (not that there is anything wrong with that;)). I am just trying to add all the bits & pieces that the car was delivered with back in the day. The shop towel is in the tool kit, because I like the look:P.

The tool kit came with the car, the shop towel in the photo was purchased in 1999 from a Porsche dealer & I sourced the tow hook from Canada last year.


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