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HK 911


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  Bugger it, here's the new one arriving within a few weeks

 I hadn't planned on posting this incase I jinxed meself, and until it was home.

1978 911 Hong Kong car thats been in WA for 15 or so years. Its had quite a few dollars spent on it over the past few years (new gearbox, SSI headers and some sort of exhaust, plus a few other bits n pieces), yet its exactly what I want and its silver! It's not perfect, yet is matching numbers, a few factory extras and has great mechanicals which was my main concern. 

 I wanted a car to replace the 912 that was cheap(ish) that I could drive and gradually clean it up as I go. I had thought of buying a 944 because they're cheap, and I also considered a Cayman S or 996, yet being a massive 911 and old school flat 6 fan, I know I wouldnt be happy with the newer cars in the long run. Imported cars don't bother me at all, and I wanted a RHD car eventually, and this one just ticked all of my boxes. A mate had one laying around in storage (as ya do) and a deal was struck months ago

 Its been a looooong wait, yet I hope to have it home late May/June


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Might lay in wait on the Nulla and kidnap it when its on the way over.

I will hunt you down until my dying days!

They do look so clean in silver..  Congrats on the car..  :)  

Only one picture though, that's a bit rough on us..

Only decent pic I have of it at the moment. 

 I'm sure I'll flood this thread with more soon enough.

 The plan is to just get it and DRIVE IT, then gradually turn it into a kinda race replica. Half cage and harnesses, Wevo or similar shifter, maybe a ducktail etc, though they're all a while off until my priorities are sorted out

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  I was always going to hang around here just to annoy you lot with my article length manuscript replies, rants and threads! And I was always going to own a Porsche of some description. 

 Cheers fellas. I'm hoping it all goes to plan with the 912, as I take it for rego inspection next Friday. If it passes ok (I've tried to cover every base, yet theyre very picky) and the buyer is happy, it's just a matter of a few weeks till the new one arrives.

  I know I won't be working that day!

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