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Sydney: Post Rennsport BBQ, drinks & race simulator for PFA folks - Sunday May 1st

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Hi Folks, 

I'm sure many of us are attending Rennsport next weekend to some capacity.

We talked about this amongst ourselves, but without an event program we did not want to post anything, I only got the race program last night. 

So with that said, we are hosting a post Rennsport bbq & catch up, the idea is to unwind and debrief on our experience whilst enjoying a drink/refreshment without the pressure of the event. 

Menu will be low & slow American style barbecue & BYO drinks, but please no drink driving.. get an uber or taxi if you plan on having more than your quota. ;) Be smart & car pool it even.


This will be hosted at Robert930's place in Sydney southern suburbs (details will be provided to attendees) FYI about 30-40 mins from the SMP or about 15 mins from Sydney airport. 

Depending on the numbers there should be ample parking & maybe enough to even put together a little show n shine :lol:

We'll have the race simulator fired up too so you can take out your frustrations without risking your own precious metal, there is most of the classics on there as well as most of the tracks to drive :) 

Rennsport finishes 5pm ~ so I would say 7:00pm~ is a good target time, enough for most to have refresh & ditch the wheels if need be! 

Please post your interest to attend here in the thread, we'd like to have some firm numbers by about Thursday please so we can cater it. 





Michael (pending vegetables) 







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 Nice little list going ^^ any other takers? Plus 1 is welcomed (obviously) 

Good to see Mr home built hot rod will be joining us. :) 

Vegan options... I'm in 

I will get you grass fed beef brisket then Michael, if the bovine was vegan, that's still vegan right? 


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Guys, a great way to end RS weekend! Thanks to Rob for hosting and Kurt for your BBQ skills, I now understand what all the fuss is about, stunning.

Hope you guys didn't keep Rob up all night on the stimulator.. ;)

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