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16 hours ago, brian in buddina said:

Driving your old car is not measured in absolute performance. Its what makes you happy.

Look at the old guy driving an old 1960's MGB or beetle. No matter what you do its still an old MGB or beetle, its not very fast or special. But to the old guy who has it & drives it, maybe it is special. 

You can spend a bucket of bucks restoring your car to near as new condition or even upgrading it or just enjoy it for what it is. A cool old car that makes you happy. If not, time for a new adventure.

Have you finished your clutch job yet, Brian?

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Bit of a setback a couple weeks ago. I may have cause for having my  apprenticeship revoked. Sheared off one of 2 - 10mm bolts which support the cross member which supports the transaxle. Bugger! In the process of trying to drill it out without destroying the existing threads. Luckily I’m doing this for fun. So close but yet so far.

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