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The Retro Porsche

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Trev you have lost it 

 I just gotta tell you before you say anything  there is a reason why there are so many words below thats because its vague and uninspiring , i have ordered your special copy of the Human League Album for you for your first video

synonyms:fawn, brownish-yellow, pale brown, buffsandsandyoatmealwheatenbiscuitcoffeecoffee-colouredcafé au laitcamelkashaecrutaupestonestone-colouredmushroomputtygreige

Or you going for more an updated version of your car … May I suggest then for your musical inspiration whiclst you do it and your debut video 

And if you want to get real focus .. go for the vibe 3:17 onwards.. and thats your goal.. nitrous and more a  4 second car you can do it…just not beige ok  





This my fave for retro… but you can do it 2/3rds ok MR 4 POT


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Yeah not an Aussie car …. cos you would need 75 engineering certificates in Victoria to register a Slammed car..

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