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1976 build Carrera 3.o

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1976 build , 1977 MY Carrera3.o.

Factory RHD. Sold new in the UK by well known dealer.

Brought to Australia in the late 80's. Being the first G Body 911 to have zinc coated panels, this car was rust free when I bought it.

Rust free means nothing structral. Kidneys, pan and front suspension points were and are clean.

Front and rear glass surrounds were cut and replaced with metal, not filler. We made these pieces from scratch and welded in, properly. Front Right hand side bumper mount was replace at the sane time due to rust.

The whole car has been waxoyld and is basically porn.

Mezger built by well known Porsche tech who I bought the car from. For a CIS car this thing sings. Howls. Its a very strong motor. 930 crankcase (numbers matching) CIS fuel injection, butler hand built exhaust manifolds. Daansk two in two out exhaust (stock looking with hidden rhs dump) 

Wevo shifter, shift joint, engine and transaxle mounts. Custom spring plates rear with adjustable ride height and weight on sway bars.

911 SC brake booster with Carrera 3.2 discs and calipers.

Turbo tie rods.

Carrera cam tensioner upgrade.

Front strut brace custom made.

Turbo sport seats.

Fuchs 16" wheels. Toyo R 888 Rubber with spare rears as they dont make them anymore.

Less than 843 Rhd factory Carrera 3.o's left the factory.

Yes it has a working sunroof as well.

Offers considered by message please. Dont be stupid, this car is special.

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Sounds like an absolutely amazing example of a 3.0. Would love to see some pictures of your car even though I'm just window shopping.


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