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SOLD: 3.0 litre Euro 9.8:1 CR Mahle pistons and cylinders for 911SC

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These have been sitting in a Mahle box in my garage for a few years - time to find them a new home ...

Set of 3.0 litre Euro 9.8:1 CR Mahle - 6 x pistons and 6x cylinders for 911SC

The cylinders and pistons are original Porsche parts made by Mahle, not aftermarket.

The pistons are 911SC 95mm, 9.8:1 compression ratio (commonly called the Euro pistons). The pistons all have the Mahle ID number on them of 95L70 which is the ID for the 9.8:1 compression ratio pistons.

I bought them a number of years ago from the owner of a 911SC who had his engine converted from 3.0 litre to 3.2 litre in the 1980's by Bob Whyms Automotive in Sydney.

He said that at the time he removed the 3.0 litre pistons and cylinders from his SC, the car had 27,000 miles on it, so they are low mileage. All pistons have piston rings on them.

The pistons and cylinders are in very good condition as shown in the attached photos. There are no broken fins on the cylinders etc. I have not cleaned them - they are as they were when I purchased them years ago.

This post in the Piston Identification thread on Pelican Parts ....


... has photos of a set of Mahle 9.8 Compression ratio pistons in the last photo in the post and reads ...

"The Mahle 9.8 CR for the 3.0 SC is - 95L70."

There is also a list of the different piston codes for the SC here ...


These pistons and cylinders would be a great buy for someone rebuilding an SC engine, or someone overseas wanting to increase their compression ratio from the lower compression ratio that some SC's had, especially in the US.

Am asking Australian $2,000 for the 6 pistons and 6 cylinders. I'm open to offers on them and am happy to give them a clean and email higher resolution photos to anyone who wants a better look at them.

Send me a message on the forum if you're interested, or reply in this thread.

More photos of the pistons and cylinders ...








Click on the link below to find my other threads if you want to see the other parts I am selling ...


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