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SOLD: Manfrotto Camera Suction Mount - Made in Italy

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For anyone looking for a way to reliably and safely mount a small camera in your car for track days etc, without drilling holes or using clamps etc, this might be very useful.

This is a Manfrotto Model 241 suction cup mount for small cameras, lights etc. It is a professional quality piece of gear, made in Italy. It has a high quality suction cup base that is 150 mm / 6 inches in diameter.

It has been sitting in my case of camera gear for a while - I have used it once. It has always had the blue protective cover on the suction cup base when stored.

The first photo is a stock photo from the Manfrotto website - the other photos below are of my actual item for sale.

Info from the Manfrotto website ...

Pump Cup with Swivel 5/8'' Socket

SKU 241

  • Pump cup with 16mm (5/8'') socket
  • Suction cup for small fixtures and lightweight equipment
  • Max payload 2Kg
  • Incorporates safety pin for extra security

The Manfrotto 241 - Pump Cup with Swivel Socket adheres to any flat non-porous surface via its 15cm suction cup - accepts 5/8" sockets. Features a ball-joint socket which rotates within a half hemisphere.

  • Great for holding small lights, cameras, scrims, gobos, magic arms or articulated arms.


  • Attaches by: 16mm Attachment Type
  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Load Capacity: 2 kg
  • Weight: 1.2 kg


There is a video review about using the Manfrotto suction mounts to mount cameras to cars here ...


As mentioned in the video, the suction mount does not come with a pivoting ball head.

There are a couple of ways you can mount a camera to this suction mount ...

One way to mount a camera to the suction mount would be to use one of these spigots which costs just US$7 ...


I have a spare one of those spigots so if someone wants to just put the suction cup in their car and mount a camera simply to it, I can throw in a spigot at no extra cost to get you going with it.

Manfrotto also sells a pivoting ball head which can be attached to the suction mount, which lets you rotate the camera to whatever angle you want as shown in the video above. You can find one of the pivoting ball heads here ...


One of the nice things about the Manfrotto gear is that it is modular - most people find their gear very useful because the modular system makes it very adaptable and you can reconfigure etc.


The suction mount retails for Australian $160 - see ...


I have used it once, asking $90 for it which saves you $70.

Item is in Sydney and I am happy to post it anywhere in Australia.





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