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For Sale ... maybe :) 2 x BBS RS 3 Piece Forged Wheels 16 x 8 1/2"

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I am not sure if I want to sell these or hang onto them as they are hard to find, but if someone offers me a decent price on them I think I'll sell them ...

These are 2 x BBS RS 3 Piece Forged Wheels, 16 x 8 1/2", ET 56mm. The centres are RS 131 forgings. Bolt pattern is Porsche 5 x 130 mm.

These came from a 928. It is possible to buy rim halves for the BBS RS wheels which you then bolt onto the forged centres to create a range of widths, offsets and different amounts of dish between the outer rim half and the centre, so if someone wanted to do that with them, that is possible.

I only have 2 of them. Could be useful for someone who already has a set of these wheels and wants two spares etc, or someone who wants to buy 2 then find 2 more to make a set of 4.

The outsides of the centres were already painted black when I bought them - could be bead blasted to paint them whatever colour you want of course. They do not have BBS centrecaps - they are as I bought them.

The tyres are old and crusty - I wouldn't run them on a car - think of the tyres as wheel protectors for shipping haha.

Shoot me any offers through the message system. I can ship these anywhere in Australia.









High res photos of them are here ...


Click on the link below to find my other threads to see the other parts I am selling ...



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