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For Sale: TWM Induction Halmeter AF30 Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

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This is a TWM Induction Halmeter AF30 Air Fuel Ratio Gauge.

TWM Induction is the maker of some of the best quality throttle bodies in the world - they were bought out by Borla. TWM developed their world reknowned throttle bodies for Porsche 911's - see
... http://www.borlainduction.com/3006-series.html

Unlike a lot of the cheap plastic gauges on the market, this Halmeter AF30 is built to last with a very solid metal case with a hammered / crinkle textured finish which seems to be some kind of powdercoating or baked on.

It reads the signal from an O2 sensor either a factory sensor or an aftermarket sensor - I had it hooked up to a Bosch O2 sensor on one of my cars.

These gauges are extremely useful to let you monitor your air fuel ratio and to help avoid destroying an engine if your air fuel ratio gets too lean, particularly on turbocharged cars.

Unfortunately these are no longer available from TWM. It is the best air fuel ratio gauge I have ever used and is built very ruggedly - definitely built to last.

The read out is a very easy to read LED bar graph style. There is a video here of one showing the display lit up ...



The compact size of lets you mount it permanently on your dash in your car - the dimensions of it are 100 mm long x 50 mm high x 21 mm deep (4 inches long x 2 inches high x 0.83 inches deep).

From memory I paid around Australian $400 including shipping from the US when I bought it.

Am asking Australian $199 or near offer for it.


Click on the link below to find my other threads if you want to see the other parts I am selling ...



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