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Gavin (CliffToCoast)

Sold- Targa roof - longhood to g series, $1000

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I recently purchased a targa roof, from a forum member, as I was under the impression mine was original & hence didn't wish to pull it down and have it recovered (purchased the new roof to recover & keep mine stored in original condition).  Turns out my targa roof is not original... so the roof I purchased is no longer required.  I've confirmed via catalogue that it will fit longhoods through to impact bumper 911's (the intended recipient was a '77 in my case).  The roof, as pictured, is in serviceable condition and a good candidate for recovering/rebuilding (the vinyl has shrunk a little & there is one small mark in the roof see last pic).  I'm happy to pass it along at the same price I purchased it for ($1000).  A new roof from Porsche is about 7.5k US, professional recovering about 2k AU & recovering kits for diy quite a bit less.  Feel free to pm me or shoot me an email on info@clifftocoast.com.au if you're interested.  I can meet in Sydney to Wollongong or freight to other locations (note visors not for sale.....pics taken by PO).









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Hi Gavin could you please send me your number? I’m interested in the Targa Top


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