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2012 Cayenne S V8 Auto

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I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask if anyone has experienced the debilitating cost of repairing the airbag suspension issue that I am currently having rectified on my 2012 Cayenne S. I've had three models of Cayenne all ordered brand new from Leipzig through dealers in Australia . A 2008 Cayenne V6 Petrol, a 2012 Cayenne V8S, and a 2016 Cayenne Diesel V8. I decided to buy the 2012 Cayenne S after its lease had expired. The car is now 10 years old, has 136,000km on the Odometer, been religiously serviced at the log book recommended intervals without missing a service. That's where the good part of the story ends. About 12 months ago the airbag suspension stopped working and the "chassis system failure" warning message kept coming up. Each time I took the vehicle to Porsche approved service outlets in Sydney. Each time they said they re-calibrated the suspension and reset the computer and sent me away saying the problem was fixed. Each time the suspension system failed. I decided to have it properly assessed and the repairs required were new air compressor pump, new airbag shock absorber in the front left wheel, and as an aside, they discovered an oil leak out of the top of the engine cover. Total repair bill $10,000 and so far I have not got the car back and it's been 8 days. The service outlet told me that there might be more to come. This is meant to be a reputable dealer with decades of servicing Porsche cars and building Porsche racing cars. They should know what they are doing right? The discoveries along the way are:

  • Porsche stopped putting this suspension system in around 2018 allegedly because it is just bad quality.
  • The air tank designed to hold 250psi is made of plastic, has metal screws drilled into it, and is made by Continental, It costs $5,000 for a new Porsche unit. This does not include labour.
  • The air bag shocks are close to $2,000 each so the service technician told me I was "lucky" only one had to be replaced. This does not include labour.
  • A 10 year old Porsche is considered to be really old.
  • The Oil leak will require a new head gasket and a day of labour and will cost a minimum $2,500.

Where is Porsches reliability in all this? They are meant to be a famously well engineered machine yet all I've had is that this is normal aging. Does anyone know someone at Porsche that I can send the break down of the repair bill too as a sign of my disappointment? Has anyone else got similar stories with their Cayennes?

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